Friday, 23 March 2012


As you can see from the photos above, children are being exploited in to winning competitions. Not only are they being made to wear make up, and a lot of it, they are also being put in skimpy outfits which you would expect a 20 year old to wear. They too prance around with a sexual manner, hands on hips and wigging bums.
After watching a few documentaries on the competitions it is quite clear that the children don't really want o be there, but instead are doing for their parents, mainly their Mums. This could link to the idea that as Dennis (the boy in the book) misses his Mother, he wants to be like her, leading to wearing womens clothes.
I feel researching in to beauty pageants will help with the designing of my project, as it relates to the original novel of a young boy wanting to wear make up and feminine clothes.

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